Most Searched Car Brands Around the World in 2016

While there are people who will drive anything that gets them from A to B, a car’s brand remains a huge pull for many around the world in these label-conscious times. And it’s not always about shallow things like glamorous names and alluring silhouettes – a car’s reliability, efficiency and sense of fun are equally […]

Driving Force: A History of Motor Racing

On the 18th of March in Melbourne, Britain’s Lewis Hamilton will be starting his defence of the Formula One Driver’s Championship for the second successive year and going for the fourth title of his career, which only started in 2007.

Brakes – The FAQs

As most people are aware, brakes are crucial to the overall safety of a vehicle. However, keeping your brakes in peak condition can also have economic benefits – such as better fuel efficiency and less chance of being faced with a hefty bill for repairs on other mechanical parts of the vehicle, caused by faulty brakes. We’ve provided the answers to some common questions below, guiding you along the way to ensure your brakes will never fail you!

Brakes – What’s Stopping You?

Brakes are something many of us tend to take for granted. On encountering a sudden change in traffic ahead, you press the pedal and it works – time and time again. With the amount of wear your brakes take, it is important to make sure they are regularly inspected for wear.

Famous Fictional License Plates

Over the years, cars in films have provided us with some of the great cinematic moments – the cork-screw jump in The Man with the Golden Gun, epic chases in Ronin & the Bourne Identity, Steve McQueen’s alliance with his Mustang in Bullitt, and of course… The Italian Job.