Alloys, Tyres and Wheel Cleaners

Once upon a time, steel wheels were the rule. Today, that's not the case. Stylish aluminum alloy wheels can be found both from OEMs and from aftermarket companies, and offer the ability to add both performance and a unique esthetic to your vehicle. However, cleaning alloy wheels can be problematic. Alloy car rims require specific cleansers, the wrong product can etch the finish, detracting from the look for your wheels. The right wheel cleaner is essential, and Quickco has the alloy cleaner you need to keep your car rims looking great, while gently removing brake dust, road grime, tar and other elements. Our car alloy cleaner gently removes dirt and grime without harming the finish, and is perfect for professionals as well as for at-home use. We can also offer a full range of other car cleaning tools, products and accessories, from brushes and sponges to waxes and polishes, and professional equipment, such as steam cleaners and car pressure washers.

Tyre Dressing & Rennovator

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Tyre Dressing & Rennovator 1ltr

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