Car Boot Lids

Your car's boot provides essential storage for luggage, your spare tyre and much more. The lid is a vital component, sealing out moisture and providing a closed, protected environment. However, the car boot lid is easily damaged, even a minor collision can throw it out of true, necessitating a new boot lid, hinges and more. At Quickco, we source vehicle boot lids from OEMs and OEM suppliers, delivering make and model specific replacement parts for the perfect fit every time with no modification necessary other than painting to match the vehicle's colour code. In addition to replacements for the car boot, we can also offer tailgates and more, ranging from door panels to quarter panels to bonnet hinges, and even the tools necessary to remove and install body parts. We work with body shops throughout the UK, as well as private vehicle owners, to provide the highest quality parts, components and tools for each job.

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