Car Window Regulators

Power windows are wonderful things, offering convenience and ease of use, without the need for manual window winders. However, like all electronics, they're subject to eventual failure. There are lots of moving parts inside the door panel responsible for the seemingly simple acts of raising and lowering the glass. Window regulators are perhaps the most common parts to require replacement. When your regulator fails, your glass will no longer raise or lower, and might be stuck in one position or the other. Quickco sources replacement window regulators from OEM suppliers and high quality aftermarket suppliers to ensure the right fit and full functionality, and we deliver model-specific replacements. Whether your regulator has already failed or is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, we can help. We also offer a full range of tools, from clip pullers to spanners to sockets and even replacement door panels if you find yourself in need. From professionals to private vehicle owners, Quickco is there for you.

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