Clutches and Clutch Parts

Manual transmissions offer better torque and performance than their automatic counterparts do, but they have very different maintenance requirements. The clutch is what’s responsible for allowing you to change gears. Without an operable clutch (and clutch cable), shifting gears is impossible. Your car will either be stuck in gear or in neutral, but either way, it won’t be going anywhere. Quickco carries a full line of car clutch replacements designed for your specific make and model. In addition to clutch parts, we can also offer a range of other transmission system components, including the clutch slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder (these will need to be replaced periodically, but not necessarily each time the clutch is replaced). All of our components feature an OEM exact fit for the easiest installation and the peace of mind that comes only from using authentic parts. Let Quickco get you back on the road with the highest quality car clutches and clutch parts on the market.