All vehicles on Britain’s roadways must have an operational exhaust system that complies with UK laws and regulations. Your exhaust system does much more than simply transport waste gases from the engine and vent them to the outside. It contains a wide range of components necessary to help eliminate toxins and reduce emissions to protect the environment. Your exhaust system is comprised of several different components, and different engine setups may have several different variations. Generally, there’s a downpipe leading from the engine to the exhaust system itself, then a secondary pipe connecting the downpipe with the catalytic converter. Another pipe connects the cat with the muffler (which is responsible for dampening the sound of the engine). Quickco stocks OEM and Aftermarket exhaust systems for a wide range of vehicles, helping ensure you remain in compliance with laws governing the exhaust in the UK. Whether you need a new catalytic converter, a new oxygen sensor, a muffler or your pipes have rusted through, we can help.