Fuel and Engine Management Systems

Without the right mix of oxygen and fuel, your engine will not operate correctly. At Quickco, we stock a wide range of fuel and engine management parts to help ensure that your engine is supplied with the right amounts of air and petrol, and that exhaust gases are recirculated, burned and then expelled from the engine. We carry carburettor parts for carburetted vehicles, and we also stock injectors for fuel injected cars, vans and other automobiles. We carry engine management components as well, such as EGR valve replacements, which are responsible for monitoring and controlling engine gas recirculation within the engine. Our fuel and engine management parts are sourced from original equipment manufacturers, guaranteeing you the right fit and full functionality. In addition, we also stock a full line of exhaust components, including catalytic converters, engine silencers, exhaust pipes, manifolds and more.