While some cars have moved to a largely drive by wire system, that’s not true across the board. Hydraulic systems still play a significant role in older vehicles, as well as many current models. In hydraulic systems, specially formulated fluid is used to actuate components. For instance, hydraulic brakes use fluid to operate the callipers and squeeze brake pads against the brake disc, thus slowing and stopping your car. Hydraulic clutches operate on a similar principle. Even power steering systems use hydraulics to operate. At Quickco, we stock a full range of car hydraulics, from clutch and brake master cylinders to fluid lines, reservoirs and, of course, hydraulic fluid itself. We carry replacement parts from top names in the industry, sourced from OEMs and high quality aftermarket suppliers, so you get the right fit and function, and never have to worry that you’re not using MOT-approved hydraulic fluid in your vehicle.