Interior and Engine Cooling and Heating

Internal combustion engines produce a lot of heat. That heat damages your engine components, leading to fatigue and eventual failure. Engine cooling components are designed to help keep your engine within its optimum operating temperature. Car radiators are the core of the cooling system and both hold coolant and dissipate heat collected from the engine. Coolant is sent around the engine via hoses and run channels – the car thermostat opens and closes, allowing coolant to flow when the right temperature is achieved. The cooling system also operates your car’s heater. Heated coolant circulates through the heater core (usually located within the dash) and is used to heat air, which is then directed into the car’s cabin. Quickco stocks a full range of OEM specific car heating and cooling components, from car thermostats to radiators and car heater cores and more. Choose Quickco when you need the highest quality replacement components at an affordable price.