Lubricants & Fluids

Whether your car uses petrol or diesel, it requires lubrication – a wide range of fluids and lubricants are necessary to protect moving parts, and reduce friction and heat. Quickco carries a wide range of car lubricants and fluids to fit your needs no matter what type of vehicle you drive. We stock a full range of engine oil weights and formulations, from heavy-duty conventional oils to super-fluid full synthetic formulations. We also carry engine grease for lubricating parts exposed to high temperatures, as well as steering fluid for your power steering system and suspension fluid. When it comes to car lubricants and fluids, think Quickco. We have exactly what you need, and all of our products are MOT-approved for use in cars on Britain’s roadways. Don’t take risks where lubrication and protection is concerned. Whether you need engine oil, engine grease, steering fluid or suspension fluid, Quickco can help.