Steering & Suspension Parts

Your car’s steering and suspension systems are inextricably linked, each affecting the other. They’re also both complex. Your steering column works with the power steering rack (or rack and pinion system) and the power steering pump, which must work with CV axles and suspension components. Struts and shock absorbers are essential for dampening vibration and impact on the road, but also for minimising the damage that vibrations and impacts can cause to your vehicle. At Quickco, we take pride in delivering the highest quality car steering and suspension components, sourced from OEM and high quality Aftermarket suppliers. Whether you’re replacing a worn steering column, working on a rack and pinion suspension system, are dealing with blown shock absorbers, or replacing car struts, we can help. Each of our steering and suspension parts is manufactured to OEM specs and tolerances, which ensures an exact fit and perfect operation each and every time.