Towing and Caravan General

There is a range of caravan towing kits, hitchlock sizes and designs available, one of which is sure to fit your caravan. Well-fitting hitch locks are less likely to be tampered with, as there will be less room to work with, making it harder to break the lock. Nobody wants to walk back to their campsite and see their caravan being casually towed away by a stranger's car – so protect your caravan against theft today with a quality hitchlock.

Safe towing primarily depends on a good match of car and caravan, but many other factors are important too, such as how you load your car and caravan and the maintenance and driving of the outfit. However, even with the perfect outfit there is still the possibility that a sudden side wind, unexpected pothole or passing a high-sided vehicle can create momentary instability. This is when a stabiliser can help. Quickco has stabilisers, towing kits and more to meet all your caravanning needs.

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