Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax Kit - 500ml

Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax Kit - 500ml

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Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax Kit - 500ml


Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax is specially formulated to impart a brilliant smear-free finish on ALL exterior surfaces, even when the vehicle is wet. The immediate benefit is that there is no need to dry the car between washing and polishing. Autoglym Aqua Wax is suitable for all paint types including metallics, as well as rubber, plastic and glass. Autoglym Aqua Wax is extremely easy to use - simply wash the vehicle, remove excess water, spray the Aqua Wax sparingly on all external surfaces(avoid use on windscreen).

Spread it evenly over the applied surfaces with one of the microfibre cloths included in the pack, whilst also removing the remaining water.

Finally, use the second microfibre cloth to buff the finish to a high shine.

Autoglym Aqua Wax is extremely durable and needs only to be reapplied when treated surfaces cease to repel moisture or when an improvement in appearance is desired.

A durable real wax finish in half the time No need to dry between washing and polishing

Contains carnauba wax

Supplied in a carry case with two premium quality microfibre towels.

Due to the option variations available for each car type, we cannot always be 100% sure the item will fit. If you are in anyway unsure about the part your buying please check with us first, we are happy to help. This item will be supplied with conformity to the laws of the United Kingdom concerning the supply of goods to consumers.


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